Apex Most Recent eSports Event Details

ALGS championship was played in September recently with a massive price pool of 2 million dollars. The event featured 40 teams from around the world competing in the tournament with 10 teams in each group. The Apex Legend Global series took place in Birmingham UK this September and unlike the last ALGS this tournament had some hiccups in management, but the experience was good overall. And in the end, one team clinched the most amount of prize money ever in the game’s short history. Before we start discussing the most awaited eSports event, if you are looking to keep yourself updated, check out Apex updates and stay updated.

ALGS Championship:

So, like every other esports game Apex Legends also has its championship sponsored by respawn or ea. For example, CSGO has majors and valorant has vct masters, and just like that Apex Legend also has its global series. The championship was split into three stages.

  1. Group Stage
  2. Bracket Stage

iii. Finals

I’ll briefly explain everything from how the format works and who won the champion and all that in between There’s a lot to talk about so let’s get through to it.

Group stage:

Just like I told you earlier the event’s 40 teams were divided into 10s in each group and Each group played a round-robin series with each team playing each other team in their group once.

The top teams in each group were through to the winner’s bracket and advanced to the Algs championship finals and the bottom teams from each group were in the loser’s bracket.

Winners and Loser’s Bracket stage:

This can be confusing to explain but in the winners was one 8-game series and parallel to that there were two 8-game series in the loser’s bracket. This thing gave the advantage to the winner’s bracket by 1 match. But which teams got to the finals is the question. So here it goes:

The winner’s bracket, the top 10 teams were advanced through to the finals and the remaining teams were battling out in the loser’s bracket stage 2. And in the loser’s bracket, stage 2, the top 10 teams advanced to the finals and the bottom team are now out of the championship.


The last and final stage of the tournament featured 20 teams just like our regular trio matches. The format can be complex but here is how it’s got done.

A team has to win at least 50 points in the finals. So, the next match becomes the “match point eligible” which means that they are just one match away from lifting the trophy and there’s no match limit so the tournament can go around for long until a match point eligible team wins the match and takes the trophy. After the match winner team is declared the 2nd to 20th place will be determined based on the total points accumulated by the team. More points mean better rank and better prize money.

Overall Preview:

This year’s ALGS Was highly competitive and well-received by the fans of the game racking up around 300 thousand viewers per match and this number was doubled in the finals with more than 600 thousand concurrent viewers watching the game. This is a significant increase from previous Apex Legends tournaments, and it shows the growing popularity of the game’s esports scene. By going for the quality of the matches the production of the tournament and the atmosphere of the LAN it is safe to say that this year’s Apex Legends global series was a great success and also a fine way to re-build the player base and lure in more players to the game. Now for the biggest question of the day who won the tournament the answer is that “Team Solo Mid” won this year’s ALGS with a very dominant run in the final stage while Optic was ahead for all cumulative points. The team consisted of these Three Players:

(1) ImperialHal

(2) Reps

(3) Verhusl

As Hal and his team took the 600-thousand-dollar prize to the home they did it was also impressive. TSM won three matches in a row to clinch the tournament but don’t confuse these matches to think that their run in the tournament was easy and they dominated the tournament the team struggled in the rounds of the group stage. TSM got off to a slow start, losing their first two matches. but somehow, they found themselves in the final stage of the tournament. After entering this stage they turned things upside down and won the whole thing ImperialHal was named the MVP of the tournament and Reps was named the positive player by Ea.