The Gurkhas – The Bravest of The Brave

The Gurkhas are a group of elite soldiers who have been conscripted into militaries around the world. Known as the bravest of the brave, their reputation for precedes them and they are well respected by all militaries. Who exactly are the Gurkhas and where do they come from? In this article, we will be exploring the Gurkhas’ origins, their modern-day employment and their symbolic weapon of choice – the Khukri.

Who are the Gurkhas?

The Gurkhas originate from Nepal, in the mountainous region of Gorkha. They first made their name when the kingdom fought against the British East India Company in 1814. During the time, their warrior spirit and effective combat expertise helped to drive back the company’s forces, with heavy casualties forcing a peace treaty to be signed a year later.

As part of the treaty, the beaten British were allowed to recruit the Gurkhas to serve in their own army. Smartly, they did recruit the Gurkhas for battles in the Indian Rebellion, Falklands conflict and later in Afghanistan. In all these battles, historic accounts detail heroic acts by the Gurkhas and their combat effectiveness.

Subsequently, other countries including that of Malaysia & Singapore started recruiting Gurkhas for their own forces.

Gurkhas in Singapore

The Gurkhas serve in Singapore under the Singapore Police Force (SPF), with an annual intake of 100 individuals into the SPF. A relatively invisible force, the Gurkhas have actually played essential roles in big events in Singapore such as the Hock Lee Bus riots, Mas Selamat’s escape, and the recent Little India Riots.

The selection criteria for Gurkhas are as stringent as they come. With more than 15,000 applicants vying for 400 spots (100 reserved for the SPF), this elite force is certainly no for the faint of heart.

Adaptability to a Wide Array of Weapons

Gurkhas need to show competency in shotguns, rifles and submachine guns. This means familiarity with various combat scenarios and challenges. Furthermore, their role in many operations involves covering large distances on foot. As such, a challenge of walking stamina coupled with heavy loads is inherent to their job.

Their Timeless Weapon – The Khukri

The Khukri is a machete-like knife that all Gurkhas carry. An all-purpose tool, it is as efficient at jungle hacking as it is at slitting the throats of enemies. The Khukri is symbolic of the Gurkhas, appearing on flags, insignias and other imagery of this legendary group of soldiers. Forged from the Gorkha region by skilled blacksmiths, the Khukri must draw blood once it has been unsheathed by its master.

This practice further enhances the mystic of the Gurkhas and helps to illustrate their fearlessness in battle.

Owning a Ceremonial Khukri

While it may not be possible for you to become a Gurkha, you can own a ceremonial Khukri. If you were to search online, you would find a khukri for sale on various websites. We recommend checking the authenticity of the seller and their reviews before purchasing from them.

Vanilla Wow Professions for Boosting the Level of Profession in Games

For the gamer, there is an ultimate goal when they are playing the World of Warcraft (WoW). The ultimate goal is by reaching the Artisan that is the highest level of the games. Well, before knowing how to achieve the maximum level of the WoW games. It will be better to know each level of the WoW games so that the player can know what the mission should be achieved and the condition to upgrade to the higher level. Well, upgrading to the next level is not difficult but yet not as easy as we may think.

The level of the World of Warcraft (WoW) games

The World of Warcraft (WoW) can be divided into 4 levels. Each level requires the different conditions that should be achieved by the player. The levels are including Apprentice, Journeyman,  Expert, and Artisan. The Artisan level is the highest level and the ultimate goal of each player. Well, the minimum required level of the Apprentice is Gathering 0 (Herbalism, Minning, Skinning), Non-Gathering 5, and Fishing 5. Meanwhile, the Journeyman requires Gathering 0 (Herbalism, Minning, Skinning), Non-Gathering 10, and Fishing 10. On the other hand, the Expert level requires Gathering 10 (Herbalism, Minning, Skinning), Non-Gathering 20, and Fishing 10. Meanwhile, the highest level that is Artisan requires Gathering 25, Non-gathering 35, First Aid 35, and Fishing 10. However, there are other criteria that should be considered by the player for increasing their levels that are including minimum required professional skill point, maximal allowed professional skill point, and cost to train. After the player fulfilling the requirement, they can upgrade to the next level and start to do the new mission.

How to upgrade the level faster

In order to upgrade the level to the higher level, the player needs to do some mission such as gathering some materials, crafting the different items, and others. However, these activities will take a long time and become a basic routine. If the player wants to get more experience, they may try to do this step. However, if the player wants to upgrade to the next level, they can try to use the Vanilla WoW Professions. This service will help the player to upgrade their level faster than the normal player does. How does it work? Well, after the player contacts the operator to use the profession boost service, the operator will start to do the basic routine such as gathering materials, crafting some items, and selling the items to the auction house. Then, the obtained materials are exchanged to the gold. Then, the golf will be exchanged to more reagent and starting from the beginning again. It may sound similar to the basic routine. However, the operator knows so well where they should gather the material and what the useful materials are. These differences will help the player to get more character level and can increase their level of the WoW games faster than the normal player. Need to be remembered that it is not a revolution or any mobile game, and pc game.

Better to Buy Used Car

Buying a used car can be an option for you who want to have a four-wheeled vehicle but have a limited budget. Negative stereotypes about used cars cannot be avoided today. Many still believe that a used car is easily damaged and will cost more maintenance to spend extravagantly. Even though all of that is not necessarily true, as long as you are smart when choosing and buying it. Used Cars Jubail are available in variants of brand. You are able to choose from the Japanese car brand to Europe car brand.

Reasons Why Choosing Used Car

The most important answer for this one question is certainly due to limited funds. Slightly different from a new car whose price dropped due to a new type being released. Used cars tend to have much cheaper prices. So, you can still use some money for other purposes that are not less important. The next reason that can be considered is that at a cheaper price you can get more, and cooler car features compared to buying a new car. Especially the safety features that concern the life of the driver and passengers. Finally, there is credit financing which is easier to do. Today there are already many startups that provide easy installment payment facilities. Besides making it easy in terms of financing, they usually advertise various types of cars that will be sold. So, you no longer need to bother searching for used cars to the dealer.

How to choose a quality used car

Choosing a used car is a bit tricky, it needs careful and patience to do it. The first tip we can see is the physical side of the car itself. Are there blisters on the body and have not experienced improvement? After from the outside you also have to check the interior, if there are blisters or a little dirty it is natural. But if the situation is still smooth it could be a plus point for you. Do not forget to check the equipment function on the car’s dashboard and other sectors.

Engine Must be Checked

Next enter the engine sector, consider the engine parts if there are leaks that occur there because it can be a serious problem in the future. Moreover, look around the engine room there is no new paint color, because if there is it could be an indication that the engine had been lowered due to an accident or ever hit by a flood. Also check the condition of the car when turned on, usually sound or vibration that is too strong can indicate a problem in the engine. See also the number of odometers that have been traveled by the car. In the administration section, also check the completeness of the car documents.

So to get a car that is in accordance with the budget that we have, it would be better if we choose a used car that is still feasible to use. Apart from relatively lower prices, used cars also have a higher selling power. When compared to new cars, the used cars that we buy will have a deficit in the sale value lower than new cars.

How to Order World of Warcraft Boost

World of Warcraft, which was released on 23 November 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment, will definitely offer you the exciting adventure which you can find on every level of the game. There are lots of challenges that you have to conquer to reach your victory. Even better, you can make the game so much more interesting by world of warcraft boost which can improve the power and the skills of your character to another level. Then, if you really want to get the boost, you can actually order it by following these several steps below.

Here are some steps that you have to do when you want to order wow boosting service, which are:

Select a Service

The first thing that you have to do is to select the particular boosting service that you want to order. Well, there are so many options are available for you, which can be like Arena Boost, Dungeon Boost, PVE (Player vs. Environment) Boost, and so many more still. Nevertheless, it is so much necessary for you to select one of them that you require the most. By doing so, you can really make sure that you use the boost in the right way and also keep focused on your goals. Aside of that, it will be awesome for you to buy wow boost that is offered to you at the cheapest price. It can also be a good thing to do especially when you have limited gold because the cheap boost will support your character to survive in the game longer at least.

Submit Some Info

Next, the second thing that you must do is to submit any required information for the transaction, which can be ranging from your account in the game to the payment method. All of the information will definitely make the boost provider able to give you the best service that you cannot regret at all. In the simple words, you will get the remarkable experiences for sure. In addition to this, there is nothing you need to worry about when you submit your information because all of them will be kept in secret securely. So, you do not have to face any scams or any unexpected things every time you purchase the World of Warcraft boost.

Finish the Payment

Afterward, do not ever forget to pay the World of Warcraft boost that you buy as soon as possible after you have submitted needed information. You have to ensure you finish the payment based on the payment method that you have chosen on the previous step, which can be like Pay Pal, Western Union, MasterCard, VISA, bank transfer, bitcoin, and so on. Thus, you can get the boost that you want and enjoy the game quickly.

In conclusion, those are some steps that you have to do when you want to buy World of Warcraft no matter it is wow eu boost or wow US boost. All of them will guide you to get the boost effortlessly and securely.  Thus, there is nothing that can stop you playing the marvelous World of Warcraft at all.

Adena and Its Role in Lineage 2

What is adena? What is all the fuss surrounding adena? To answer those questions, another one needs to be answered first: “Are you an MMORPG player? Are you a fan of Lineage 2?” You can skip this piece if the answer is a big no. But if you answered it with a yes, then you wouldn’t have those questions at the beginning in the first place. This is an introductory piece for those interested in delving deeper into Lineage 2 and willing to learn about the game mechanisms. This will also serve as a solution for those currently stuck in the game, unable to move forward, and don’t know what else to do to level up.

What’s So Important about Adena?

In short, l2 adena is a form of in-game currency. It is a type of cash that has multiple functions but ultimately it helps you with your character’s leveling up. If you are new to Lineage 2 and the world of MMORPG in general, this information might come in handy: You need money to improve your character(s). Other video game titles employ their own version of in-game currency but in Lineage 2, that in-game currency would be the adena we are talking about. To advance forward in the game, your character needs boosting up so they can level up. To be able to do so, however, you need to give some items to your character. These items in question are purchasable from any NPCs (Non-Playable Characters, which include shopkeepers or item-sellers). You can also find a player who sells the items within the game. The methods of gaining items may be different but one thing remains the same: they all require adena. One question leads to another and you end up with the ultimate one: How is this adena obtained again?

Adena: How to Obtain?

Simply put, adena is provided right there within the game for you to take. You will just have to kill monsters (tons of them) or take part in quests that are held. Obtaining adena these ways requires no money, but they do consume time (a lot of time) to complete. What’s more, the amount of adena obtained may not worth the time it takes for you to get your hands on them. It’s not even outside of the realm of possibility that you could spend the entire week farming for adena but at the end of the day the total amount is still not enough to afford one item to get just a little boost for your character. This is the primary reason why people are looking for l2 adena for sale. It requires real money to purchase adena this way but at the very least it will spare you from all the hard work. Imagine you can cut your online time short and eventually logon to your account to find the adena you need is already there for the taking. Just keep in mind that you purchase your adena from a legal and authorized source lest you risk your account getting banned.

Types of Game Servers

Dedicated server

As the name suggests, dedicated servers tend to trigger game worlds and don’t support direct outputs or inputs. However, they do support the required input and output for required administration. Moreover, the players have to login to the server with different client apps to play the game.

The biggest benefit of dedicated servers is that they are suitable for hosting in high-end data centers. Aside from this, these servers offer lots of performance and reliability benefits. Remote hosting also gets rid of the low-latency benefits the low-latency benefit that would be held by a player that logs into the server through the local network or same machine.

But the problem is that dedicated servers cost a great deal of money to operate. At times, the developers of the game bear the costs. In some cases, the cost is born by clan groups. No matter what the case is, the public depends upon third parties. For this reason, the majority of games that make use of dedicated servers also offer listen server support.

Listen server

The process of listen servers is the same as a game client. In other words, they act like dedicated servers. However, the difference is that they have to “talk to” the remote players through the residential internet of the hosting game player. The problem is that not all residential internet connections are fast enough to support the game’s upload requirements, especially if the game is a very popular one. Normally, the limit is 16 players. Another problem is that the performance also goes down due to too much load on the server, as the server also has to generate an output image.


In the peer-to-peer model, you have no server. Instead, each “peer” gets the input streams of every player and decides on the results itself. Generally, peer-to-peer is considered outdated for today’s action games. However, peer-to-peer servers is a good choice for real-time strategy games because of its suitability for video games with tons of tokens and fewer players. Rather than sending the positions of thousands of troops, what happens is that the game sends one transmission that a thousand soldiers have been chosen.

The disadvantage of these servers is that you will find it hard to synchronize all peers. With time, small differences between the peers may get worse. Moreover, it is hard to support fresh players during the game.

Some Games to Play on High-Quality Gaming Laptops


Cuphead is quite possibly the most visually endearing game you can play on a laptop! The hand-drawn, classically animated 2D graphics are nothing but vibrant and whimsical. Although its multi-stage bosses are intimidatingly challenging, it’s still conquerable thanks to the learnable tells and patterns. Not to mention the sensational soundtrack and visuals alone are already worth the time spent on a laptop! Buy gaming related laptops now and start enjoying this phenomenal piece of art Undertale

There’s no better reason to buy laptops belonging to games than playing Undertale! In this charming role-playing game, you’re an innocent child fallen into a monster-filled underworld where the only way to survive is quick thinking! What makes this laptop game interesting is that you have the option to befriend or fight the bosses. Your actions will determine how the bosses react! The fact that it can be played on practically any gaming laptop is a huge bonus. Undertale is the kind of game that easily makes you sit in front of your gaming laptop for ages. It’s almost impossible not to buy gaming laptops and start playing this game!

Papers, Please

You won’t believe working as a border control officer is fun until you play Papers, Please on your laptop! Set in a fictional corrupt communist country, your job is to process refugees from an unfriendly neighboring nation. Check passports and visa papers to see if they meet entry requirements and detain refugees with false documents. Your pay will be docked if you make mistakes, and your family’s lives will be endangered! This engrossing indie game is perfect to be played on gamers’ laptops thanks to its tiny 50MB size and pixel-art graphics. Looking for excuses to buy laptops? Look no further!


One cannot neglect Hearthstone when it comes to the best games you can play on a laptop! A collectible card game set in Blizzard’s Warcraft universe, you’ll be fighting against other players with magic spells, weapons, minions and special abilities. It is one of those classic, addictive games that makes you end up sitting in front of your laptop a lot longer than you planned to!

The game is mostly static so it’s easy for your laptop to process. If you’re planning to buy laptops related to gaming with a touchscreen, this game is even more ideal as you can play with the drag-and-drop motion! You have to add Hearthstone onto your game-to-play list if you’re looking to buy laptops that are related to gamings!

How To Stream Video Games

Have the necessary supplies

To make it possible to stream the videos you need to have several supplies in place. The first thing that you need to have is a strong internet connection. There is nothing that turns off viewers like audio drops and lousy frame rates. Experts recommend that you ensure that your streaming machine runs directly into your router. It shouldn’t run over WiFi.

The second thing that you need is a high-quality microphone to give commentary on the game. The microphone also helps you to chat with people in the community. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the microphone is clear and you can hear what other community members are saying.

It’s not necessary to have a webcam but to build trust and brand, it’s good that you show your face. People showing their faces have also been reported to receive better reactions. When you show your face, people don’t watch the game for the sake of seeing your skills-they also watch it have a feel of your personality

The last thing that you need in your supplies is the streaming service. There are many streaming services in the market, but the dominant player is Twitch. If you don’t like it you can go with Hitbox.

Set your system

Once you have the necessary supplies, you are on your way to streaming your favorite game. Before you start playing, set your system. You should check the audio and ensure that it’s properly balanced. You should ensure that your viewers can hear you over the in-game sound. Ensure that the sound that the viewers hear is not only yours.

You should also set the game resolution and clarity. Ensure that the screencasts clearly on the game that you are playing. Also, ensure that you take a good shot of yourself without obscuring any of the important parts of the game.

Play the game

With everything in place and set, now it’s time to show your skills. You should play the game as normally as you do but you should talk more so that the viewers don’t feel as if they are watching a movie. When speaking, don’t censor yourself too much. At the same time, you shouldn’t pretend to be someone that you aren’t. Conduct yourself the way you do in real life. If you have a camera on, ensure that your face is expressive.

Online Games for Gaming Fun

Capitalizing on this huge market, app developers are constantly launching new games with the best graphics and highly engaging gameplay. Not just that, they design and create them in various formats to cater to a varied audience.

Now if you’re a diehard fan of online games, here’s a lowdown on the different genres; something you need to know Dailyhawker Canada.

  1. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) – Gaming saw a spurt when it became social with the introduction of Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG). The thrill and adventure lie in competing with other players, playing simultaneously in the virtual world. They are called role-playing games because you take up roles as you move through the game. Most of these are not free; you have to pay to access certain premium features or to level up.
  2. Real-time strategy – As the name suggests, real-time strategy games call for an immediate response from the players; it is played in real-time. They combine strategy and action and can be highly addictive. The real-time strategy includes building the inventory by gathering resources, fighting armies, building the base, creating units and exploring areas.
  3. Action and adventure – They are set against a story in fantasy worlds or adventure lands. They are fast-paced and involve combats with enemies, puzzles, missions, and quests. Completing successive missions result in the character leveling up and earning armor, weaponry, potions, etc. Unlike MMORPG and real-time strategy formats, these are generally single-player ones.
  4. Casino games – Casino games replicate the real world of the casinos on the World Wide Web. Many of these are played with real cash. It offers the excitement of playing in a casino. There are also real bonuses and prizes to be won.
  5. Sports games – If you are a sports buff, sports games will grab your interest. The most popular ones on the web are football, basketball, and baseball. They are organized into levels. You can choose to play along, against the computer or compete against another player. Many are modeled on actual sporting events.
  6. Simulation games – Simulation games are real-life situations played out in-game settings. Think about the number of farming games you’ve played, or that marvelous city you’ve built or the virtual people you’ve cared for, or the pet zoos you’ve managed. If you’re looking for action and adventure, simulation games do not fit the bill. They are about time management, strategy development, decision making. Nevertheless, simulation games promise you a good time.
  7. Shooting games – If you get a kick out of violent games, shooting games are the one for you. It involves shooting at targets be it objects, animals or people. These games require precision and skill.

Amazon Prime Twitch Digital

Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon; it is owned by Twitch interactive, I love all of the free entertainment which, come from my Prime Membership. Twitch, which lets users watch and share game videos. Now, thanks to the recent addition of Free Games with Prime, you can play some of those titles instead of just watching them. There many free games and loot with an Amazon Prime membership. For non -members Twitch is free for 30-days, after that it is t$12.99/mo. An annual plan is also available for $119 which includes an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime, this year alone we’ve offered members more than $1,000 worth of games and loot. Each month gamers get four games free, exclusive badges, monthly channel subscriptions, free two-day shipping and access to Prime Video and Prime Music. The four new free movies for October are:

  • Dark Siders: In this game you will battle against Heaven and Hell.
    Sanitarium (WIN) In Sanitarium you play an amnesiac person. After a car accident, you wake up to find that instead of lying in a hospital, you’re in an asylum with your head wrapped in bandages. Who the hell am I?
    SOMA is an unsettling story about identity, consciousness, and what it means to be human.
    System Shock: Enhanced Edition (WIN) is a first-person fight to the death in the depths of space! Twenty one years after its first release,
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  • Exclusive emoticons
    Access emoticons such as KappaHD, ScaredyCat and others, reserved only for Prime members.
  • Expanded chat color options
    Set a chat color by toggling a set of 3 sliders (RGB). These options can be changed at any time by going to your Prime Settings.
  • Member-only Prime chat badge
    Reign supreme with a unique chat badge, which can also be toggled in the chat settings on any Twitch channel.
  • At press time, for example, you could score five free games (including the super-hot indie title Superhot) with a combined value of over $100. And next month promises five more, including Telltale’s popular Tales from the Borderland.

All you need is a free Twitch account that’s been “enabled” for Prime and the Twitch desktop client. A free channel subscription every 30 days. Support your favorite streamer, plus get exclusive emotes, more chat colors, and crown yourself with the chat badge of royalty. Member discount on pre-release box games on Amazon
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