Betting on the Unlikely Winners

The wild card games were a blast this weekend. Two teams that I expected to do well throughout the entire season were on the brink of not making it into the playoffs. I made a couple of bets on for the outcome of the games. I had a feeling that the teams that were the most likely to go to the playoffs were the ones that would actually lose. My friends thought that my bets were way off because those teams usually find some way to make it to the playoffs, regardless of how the season is going, but I had a feeling that they couldn’t get in this time.

The first wild card game provided a lot of entertainment for my friends and me. There was some impressive offense and defense being displayed, and some players were pulling out all of the stops to make sure that their team would have the advantage. The game ended just as I thought it would, with the team that was preferred to win actually losing. No one could believe that it happened, but I called it.

After seeing what happened in the first game, my friends were starting to change their minds about which teams would be able to make it into the playoffs. I remembered one year that one of the teams was prevented from going to the Super Bowl because of a bad call from the referees. The same thing happened to that same team in the wild card game. The entire stadium of fans for that team were upset at the referee ruling. Had my favorite team actually been playing and the same thing happened to them, I would have been mad as well. The team lost, and I won a lot of money from my bets against them.