How to Avoid Drain and Sewer Problems in NJ

Sewer Problem Solve

New Jersey is the best state I’ve ever lived in, without a doubt, proximity to NY but without the problems of NY, besides having all the services I need, both personal, work, and domestic problems. I recently had domestic problems with electricity and sewage. The electricity problem was easily solved while the sewage one had to research sewer and drain cleaning in NJ.The electricity problem was caused by a bird that damaged some wires and was a little tricky to fix as it involved some neighbors, and the more people involved in a problem, the more complicated it becomes, but in less than a week it was solved. The sewer problem was easier to solve because it only involved me and because the problem was related to the drains and not the sewer system.I scheduled the technical visit in 2 days and the technician said that the problem was in the drains as I said before and that it was caused by something that I voluntarily or unintentionally threw into the drain.The technician told me some products and materials that I shouldn’t throw in the drain at all so as not to cause similar or bigger problems than the one I had.The products he told me not to throw or dump down the drain were:

*Grains in general such as coffee beans because even the beans are very small, they can accumulate in the plumbing or drain and cause clogging;*Medicines thrown down the drain can cause problems despite appearing harmless as they can trigger unknown chemical reactions or contaminate the sewer system;*Paint paints are very harmful to the sewage system and drains as they contain oils and the separation of oil and water in drain or sewer cleaning is very difficult.*Greases for the same reason as inks;*Cotton balls are harmful to drains as they can easily clog due to their accumulation nature and obstruct the passage.