Is it better to have a low cost gaming computer?

The gaming industry has witnessed significant growth and development within the past decades. Gaming has grown from a simple hand held arcade device to sophisticated machines that can deliver premium gaming experience with superior graphics. We now have a series of platforms to play games, ranging from a mobile phone to a personal computer. Let us forget about gaming on the phone and other similar devices for a second and focus on the crème de la crème of the gaming world, consoles, and personal computers.

There has been a debate about which is the best for gaming between consoles on one hand and personal computer on the other hand. Now, if you are economically buoyant, you may want to stay away from this debate as you can afford to purchase the two to get the ultimate gaming experience.

For the not so economically buoyant the party that wins the debate determines which one to buy between a low-end personal computer and a gaming console. It is doubtful whether there will be an end to this debate, how do you decide which one to go for between personal computers and consoles? Read reviews and let it guide you to selecting the best for you.

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While experts seem to generally agree that gaming on high-end computers offers better graphics than playing on a console it is doubtful whether low-end computers have an edge over consoles when it comes to better graphics. Considering this factor alone, it is tempting to advise you to choose a console over a low-end computer.

One of the downsides of gaming on a console is that you cannot game without a television. You need not be told how difficult it is to carry televisions up to and down. Gaming on low-end laptop computers dispenses the need to have a television each time you want to get lost in the gaming world. Gaming computers trump consoles in this area.

Considering going for a low-end computer for gaming suggests that you are running on a tight budget. From experience, it is more economical to game on a low-end computer than a console. Consider that it is more expensive to buy games for your console than getting the same from friends to be played on your computer. What we are saying, in essence, is that it is more economical to get a computer.

One of the advantages of getting a console over a computer is that consoles allow you to have access to some exclusive games that cannot be played on a computer. Some of these console exclusive games are the uncharted series, the last of us, and a host of others.

Deciding the best between a low-end computer and a console is herculean, each has its merits and demerits. Your surest bet is to read reviews to help you decide the best t.