Safe Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained Online

If you’re looking for games for kids, primarily online, there are plenty of resources and different kinds of games, apps, and services. For example, if your kids love video games, WHkeys is a professional gaming platform that supplies gamers with codes and keys for gaming products. But you may ask, is WHOkeys legit? 100% of their customers said they would purchase from this company again. Or, if you’re looking for more educational kids’ games, there are also plenty of options.

Books to boost your kids’ brainpower

If you want your kids to have fun online but still do something educational, online books and libraries are great options for them to look at and entertain themselves online. Plenty of sites offer free academic books and stories for your kids to read. There are also audiobooks which are a fantastic way for your kids to be able to read books and stimulate their minds if they can’t read yet.

Shows and movies

If you want to entertain your kids with a movie or show, there are plenty of online streaming sites with plenty of content for kids and parental controls so that you can protect them simultaneously. In addition, streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ have a variety of content available for kids of all ages. Still, many educational websites offer a range for your kids that will stimulate their brains, specifically curated for kids of various ages.

And why not try out some arts and crafts? 

If your kids are creative, there are plenty of online resources that you can use to entertain them and encourage them to use their time productively. For example, there are art apps that can teach kids to draw and paint and apps that allow kids to create animations and stories. Another great free option is Youtube. There are so many videos on Youtube that show your kids how to make a variety of different arts and crafts, as well as websites with tutorials on how to create many fun crafts.

Always encourage your kids to be active

If your kids are full of energy and you need help getting rid of some of it, why not search some online resources for getting your kids to be active and burn some energy?  For example, many kids’ channels on Youtube have so many fun and engaging workout videos for your kids to follow. This is an excellent way for your kids to spend their time because they are not just spending time on their screens but are moving their bodies and getting their heart rates up. There are also lots of workout videos that you can do together as a family!

Go to an online gallery or a museum

Technology is so advanced now that your kids can watch virtual tours of various museums and galleries on their screens! For example, the Louvre in Paris, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the British Museum in London, and the Guggenheim in New York are museums that all have online virtual tours and activities. Many galleries also have online resources available for your kids to enjoy.