Apex Most Recent eSports Event Details

ALGS championship was played in September recently with a massive price pool of 2 million dollars. The event featured 40 teams from around the world competing in the tournament with 10 teams in each group. The Apex Legend Global series took place in Birmingham UK this September and unlike the last ALGS this tournament had some hiccups in management, but the experience was good overall. And in the end, one team clinched the most amount of prize money ever in the game’s short history. Before we start discussing the most awaited eSports event, if you are looking to keep yourself updated, check out Apex updates and stay updated.

ALGS Championship:

So, like every other esports game Apex Legends also has its championship sponsored by respawn or ea. For example, CSGO has majors and valorant has vct masters, and just like that Apex Legend also has its global series. The championship … Read the rest