MU Origin

One such game is the MU Origin. It is highly influenced by the classic game Korean MMORPG. The basic idea of this game is that the person playing the game has to choose an archetype first. There are three archetypes namely, Dark Knight, Elf, Dark Wizard and a new character SUMMONER. After doing so, the player gets introduced to a bigger world of fantasy where he/she has to fight monsters and finish quests and the cycle continues.

Key Features

  • The features of the MU Origin give a PC-like experience to the users.
  • This game comes with the features of the late-2000’s gaming with modern graphics, quests and navigational tracking.
  • It comes with varied game modes, a multitude of events and 1v1 Arena PvP.
  • There are auto-play options; users can leave this game in the background while completing other work.

This game will satisfy those gamers that like their games to be easy and casual. This game does not require a gamer to be very skillful. This is due to the fact that many of the options in this game are automatic and it can run even if the gamer is not completely involved. The MU origin battle is a causal battle with better visuals, scope and presentations than other games.

Game Play

  • The gameplay is extremely similar to MMORPG. Every corner of the screen is specifically related to something. For example, this game comes with varied game modes, namely, Daily Dungeons, Story Dungeons, Endless Towers and Party Dungeons. They are visible in the upper portion of the screen.
  • The various game modes have different arenas, events like World Bosses and Colosseum and battles. Each area is marked with maps. This game can be fought either in PvP or PvE.
  • As mentioned before, there are three main characters. Character information is shown on the upper left side of the screen. Tapping the character also gives more in-depth information about them.


  • The visuals of this game retain the original MU Online visuals. It is based on a typical leveling system. This allows the player to reach higher levels of their characters easily.
  • The character visuals are impressive owing to the fact that MU Origin has retained the wings on characters. Wings add another dimension to the characters, making them seem more alive.
  • The overall visuals are packed with good graphics. It is a fast-paced combat game with dated visuals.